Support for Parents

Support for Parents

You'll be a confident teacher using our easy-to-digest introductory material to help you discuss each concept with your children.

Age-Appropriate Activities

Age-Appropriate Activities

You get two educational, relevant, and age-appropriate activities each week: one for younger children (5-11) and one for teens.

Learn Together

Learn Together

We provide insightful discussion questions and "go deeper" content so everybody in the family can learn and grow together.

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Curriculum You Won't Find Anywhere Else

The Tuttle Twins team has heard you loud and clear—children need more than a new book every 7-8 months. So we’ve teamed up with parents and educators to create a step-by-step learning program you can use in the home without stress or needing to study beforehand.

Each Week You Will Get:

  • Introductory content for parents to learn about the week’s concept
  • Lesson or activity for young children
  • Lesson or activity for older children
  • Dinner conversation starters for the entire family
  • “Go deeper” material for those who want to learn even more

…but that’s not all!

Members will also receive every new book and activity workbook in our Tuttle Twins children’s series for free! (Members only pay shipping.)

P.S. Our members get ongoing support — have a question about any aspect of the curriculum? We’re here to help you teach your children!

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Want to see a sample?

Here’s a sample of an activity for younger children.

Parent of teens? Here’s a sample for older children.

We keep these simple and to the point so that kids can complete them and understand the core concept.      

"We're big fans of the Tuttle Twins books, and now it's gotten even better—helping parents teach their children this stuff on a weekly basis is a thrilling idea that's so badly needed!"

Tom Woods, Ph.D. — bestselling author and creator of Liberty Classroom

Free Market Rules, step by step

Here's a preview of some of the concepts your children will learn…

Needs and Wants

Needs and Wants

They're different, and important to distinguish. How can we prioritize what is necessary vs. what isn't?

Why We Act

Why We Act

The choices we make help explain what matters to us. Each of us can work hard for the things we really want.

Trade Increases Wealth

Trade Increases Wealth

The more people can work together and trade their goods and services, the more prosperous our society becomes.

Scarcity and Value

Scarcity and Value

When an item is hard to find or difficult to make, its value increases. Why does that matter when shopping?

What Creates Value?

What Creates Value?

Whether something has value or not is subjective—each of us have different preferences and priorities.

What's an Entrepreneur?

What's an Entrepreneur?

Our lives improve when hard-working people are free to create the goods and services that can benefit us.

Why This Matters

We’re not interested in busywork or boring facts and figures. What we’re doing matters in a meaningful way—using our curriculum, your children will learn to better understand the world around them and make more insightful personal decisions. What’s not to love about that?

Learn Together, Each Week

Our weekly curriculum helps your family learn the ideas and principles that free markets and societies are made of. There's nothing else like this out there!


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  • Each Week You Get:
  • Intro Material for Parents
  • Two Activities for Children
  • Dinner Conversation Starters
  • Advanced Content
  • via Digital Delivery (PDF)
  • Ongoing Support
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  • FREE Tuttle Twins Books
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You Asked, We Answered!

As we’ve written the Tuttle Twins books that your family knows and loves, there’s been a very strong demand from our readers for more consistent content.

After months of research, planning, and testing, we’re super excited to now present Free Market Rules—a trusted and helpful curriculum that’s not complicated or confusing. It’s easy for parents to pick up and use—no previous knowledge required.

The goal is simple: help your children develop an understanding of and appreciation for the free market. As we look at the world around us, it’s scary how ignorant people are about these basic ideas. Schools don’t teach them, and many parents have no idea how to do it.

So that’s why we’re here—and that’s why you should sign up now as a member! Your child—every child—needs to learn these important lessons.


Weekly Activities. A Lifetime of Learning!